Minor Dents & Dings

It is hard to own a car for any length of time and not experience a door ding, a scratch or bumper damage. If the damage is just a dent or ding that has not compromised the surface integrity or cracked the paint, It is often times possible to make repairs using PDR . A single dent repair cost may be as little as $75-$100, where as conventional repairs that require body work that includes painting or blending of the damaged panel and adjacent panels. Sometimes the repair involves the removal of trim, pinstripe, molding and even glass, adding to the expense of the repair. $300-$500 on conventional repairs is not uncommon. PDR  is not only inexpensive, and often times it takes hours, instead of days to make the repairs.

Bumper damage can be more than “skin deep”, more than just the surface damage. Sometimes the inner structure of the bumper, the energy absorbing parts such as, steel reinforcing bars and energy absorbing foam or plastic reinforcement pieces, become damaged or broken, and must be replaced. These pieces are vital in maintaining the safety barrier that they were designed for. If they go unrepaired, the vehicle as a whole is not as safe to drive. If you were to experience a major accident and not have that protection of the bumper and its support components, your car and possibly the occupants could sustain severe damage or injury.

Selling Your Car? . . . . . . . . . .  . . . .The Outward Appearance Can Really Make A Difference In The Perceived Value Of Your Vehicle.

When you consider selling or trading in your car for a new one, outward appearance can really make a difference in the perceived value of your vehicle. If your car has even minor bumper scrapes, rock chips, door dings, cracked or a chipped windshield; trade in value can be in the thousands of reduced value. One of the things car dealers look for when taking a trade in is how much they are going to have to put back into this car to be able to sell it on the used car lot. If the car is not in very clean condition, they will just sell the car at auction and let someone else fix the problem areas, and end up giving you considerably less than they might have, had the vehicles appearance been better.

To make a car more appealing, car dealers will paint or replace bumper covers, or have a Paintless dent repair technician take out a door ding. These repairs give that first impression to the prospective buyer, that the car has been taken care of and is one they would like to be seen driving. A nice looking car sells faster and gets more money.

If you are in a fender bender or would just like to make your ride look better, and you want a professional opinion and assessment of the damages or repair cost, please bring your car by our shop. We will be happy to go over the damage to your car and make recommendations on the repair. Give ADVANCED COLLISION REPAIR a call at        216-5684   We will be happy to write a free estimate on the repair cost.