Frame Analysis

Precise Structural Frame Analysis and Correction

When a vehicle is an accident the frame rails or sub frame may require straightening. It is necessary to be within the tolerance of the Vehicle’s manufactured specifications. It actually is a small tolerance margin, equivalent to the thickness of a dime. This measurement is very small approximately 1 millimeter, requiring precise accuracy when making a repair. If the frame correction exceeds this margin, the vehicle frame can cause instability and hamper automotive control, a potential hazard in future driving conditions. Improper correction can also lead to excessive wear and tear on the vehicle’s tires and mechanical parts causing poor performance, and in some cases failure.

Advanced Collision Repair strives to give you back your vehicles pre-accident structural specifications utilizing our Car-O- Liner Bench Rack and Car-O-Tronic computerized frame measuring system. The system provides precise frame diagnostics and a pre repair and post repair color printouts to insure correct frame corrections were achieved. This system has monthly data updates so we always have the latest data and necessary information to make a correct repair.

Repairing your vehicle with proper equipment ensures a correct fit of replacement parts and gives you the peace of mind that your car is as safe to drive as it was prior to the accident damage.

Next to your home, an automobile purchase is probably one of the largest investments that you will make. You have insurance to cover these damages, we work with insurance companies and will follow their estimates to do the repairs. We will also submit supplements to the insurance companies when necessary, to cover additional damage not found in the initial inspection and estimate.