Auto Body Finishing

Auto Body damage repair is an integration and balance of the engineered collision repair and the finishing process. Both combined to preserve the integrity and appearance of your vehicle.

Finishing is the final stage of preserving the auto body surface, securing protection against corrosion and the elements, and restoring your vehicle’s appearance and value.

Our belief at Advanced Collision Repair is that when we finish a vehicle, it’s simply not just cosmetic reconstruction or repainting the finish. Finishing is a process of preserving and protecting automotive design and functionality. We are vigilant in rebuilding specific design and shape to match subtle contours and body lines to maintain the proper aerodynamics and air flow that reduce drag, allowing your vehicle to have ultimate performance and handling. Matching the original form often requires blending composition materials such as body fillers to the auto body panel and meticulously finishing the surface to match the original texture. Knowledge of material attributes and handling is critical to proper bonding and surfacing. This is a technical skill that requires years of hands on experience and know how.

After a vehicle’s body is restored, the surface is cleaned with solvents and prepped to receive first a primer sealer coat and then the base coat and finally 2 – 3 coats of a clear protective finish. Some components such as bumpers, are individually painted when they alone are being repaired.This is done whenever  possible to eliminate over spray on the vehicle and allow for a more accurate factory appearance. When damage is primarily in one area of the vehicle, it is often necessary to blend the paint on the adjacent panels to achieve a color match. Paint and clear coat finishes are applied using a pressure controlled, down-draft spray booth that provides steady controlled conditions for a consistent finish with less infringement from environmental impacts, such as dust particles, weather elements or temperature variations. The finish is then cured with our Infra-tech curing system, merging the base coat clear coat materials to near perfect finish. In our methodology to duplicate your factory finish, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns are used in the application process on the vehicle body and parts to simulate the factory application of paint and exterior coating.

Precise mixing measurements for base, colors and tints are managed in a mixing station to ensure even and consistent and color matched application. With a focus on superior quality using finishes that do not fade or loose luster, and protect against corrosion and harsh environmental elements.

Advanced Collision Repair, partners with Chem Spec, a Global provider of leading edge, high quality car refinishing paints and specialized coatings, using their Metalux base coat/ clear coat system. World renown for supplying OEM quality paint products, Chem Spec employs the latest technology to manufacture outstanding paint products. Very accurate color matching systems, utilizes factory color matching, and is based on computerized codes for all standard and factory variations provided direct from manufacturers. Custom or non-factory colors can be matched utilizing an actual hand painted paint chip color matching system. Once the system identifies the colors on an existing finish, we obtain a color formula. Through extensive experience and product knowledge, the paint is then mixed to an acceptable factory match. With firsthand knowledge of how paint performs in most application and blending situations. Your vehicle receives a like new appearance that is as good if not better than the original factory finish.

We offer a 100% guarantee your paint against peeling, blistering, wrinkling, and loss of gloss or shine, for as long as you own the automobile.

This guarantee is backed up by Chem Spec’s 100% product guarantee. The factory has a product testing facility, where they maintain paint batch samples, testing and R&D data, where they are continuously striving to improve their Metalux paint products.