Car Rental

When you are given an estimate for damage repair you will also be provided with an approximate length of time to repair your vehicle.  Once you’ve made a decision regarding the repair service, we can arrange for a rental car to be made available to you.  If your insurance policy includes rental car coverage, we can provide you with all the available options within your policy guidelines to ensure your coverage.  For self-disbursement of repair services, we will discuss all your options and their respective expense.

All rental cars are made available when a vehicle is brought in to commence repair work.  A representative of the rental company will discuss the rental car agreement with you at that time.  Once your vehicle is ready for pick-up, you can return your rental car to our facility.

From time to time, restorative work may incorporate an extension of time to cover unanticipated repairs or delivery of specific parts.  In these instances, we will provide your insurance company with an additional report detailing the nature of the extension and the necessity for additional time.  If you are expensing the rental car from your own budget, we will call and advise you of the situation so you are able to make a decision as to whether you would like to extend rental car period.  Every measure is taken to expedite the repair process to get you back on the road in the comfort of your own car.

Rental Request

Notify us ahead of time if you think you will need a car rental and we can make preliminary arrangements to have a car waiting for you when you bring your vehicle in for service.
  • Enter your car preference and the beginning date of your repair service.
  • Insurance Information (Optional)
  • If yes, please provide the following information if available